Friday, October 19, 2012

All three modeling jobs have flaked out on me so far. One of these still has hope though, so I won't start whining about it yet. I was inquiring about it when the woman in charge of the place and I launched into a discussion of pottery/ceramics. I lamented the lack of a kiln and she mentioned pit firing. I have everything I need to make pit fired ceramics: earth, a shovel, fuel, clay....sawdust would make it even easier but sawdust can't be hard to find. Moreover, because hardly anyone pit fires ceramics anymore, it's a niche in what can be a very competitive market. There are a lot of potters around here...I haven't seen any pit fired pottery though. There's some wood fired pottery (using a wood fired kiln), which would be the next step up from pit fired in terms of away from nature/basic/primitive techniques and towards industrialization. The only hitch I can detect so far is that pit firing pottery is much more successful if you bisque fire the pieces first, and I have no affordable way to do that. So now...I am wondering if it's possible to do the bisque firing in the pit as well.

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