Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am so cold.

I have lost so much weight (no longer sure how much, can't afford the health club any longer) and with so little fat on my bones, am cold nearly all the time. I have been trying to eat all sorts of things to put a little bit of weight back on (not a lot, just enough so that the jeans I have will continue to fit, and those range in size from 1-3...): a pint of ice cream, serious ice cream, every other day, fatty cheeses, meat, sausage....I haven't resorted to bacon yet, but perhaps that would be a good idea. How to put on weight without cholesterol?

I need to learn how to knit socks with my handspun wool yarn. And sweaters. Nice, thick socks....mmmmmmm......


RantWoman said...

French fries?

Baked potato with sour cream and crumbled bacon

Sweet potato fries?

Yams not fried but maybe with butter.

Carbohydrate dense junk food?

You have lots of reasons to be pretty physically active and probably burn a lot of calories just doing all the things you do.

What gets in the way of getting enough calories?


Getting tired of eating?

Getting tired of your choices?

I am not sure whether to wish I had your problem...

chamoisee said...

It is the (or both) of them decreases my appetite and the other ramped up my metabolism. I suppose that as problems go, it could be worse....but having clothing that was familiar and well liked turn all baggy and threaten to fall down bums me out sometimes! :-P

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