Tuesday, October 09, 2012

The neuropsych eval is finally done...at least, that's what he claimed, "he" being the colleague of my psychologist who passed away last winter. Between the two of them this has taken about a year. As far as I can tell, the only new thing which has come out of this evaluation has been the ADD dx, but being able to get on top of that for once has made a substantial difference.

Getting ready to take charge of another chess club...felt intimidated about it because I haven't really played for a couple of years...so I've been going through chess books once again, trying to remember my favorite openings. It helps that of the tattered, falling apart books by Fred Reinfeld, Complete Book of Chess Openings is still intact..well, more or less intact. I remembered my favorite opening as black (Gruenfeld) but not the others...but- aha! in this book is a scrap of paper with my favorite openings listed! Yes! If only I could remember exactly why they were my favorites, i.e. what plan of attack usually followed each opening, all would be well.

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