Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bored and angsty. I am having a terrible time distinguishing between "introverted man who likes quiet and space", "avoidant man" and "Busy/stressed/tired/preoccupied man" behavior. At any town burning time while my oldest at-home son works. Youngest son, who is with me today, is usually awfully hyperactive and talkative, but today he's a little more subdued, in the wake of an allergic reaction to cats. The laundry is tumbling wastefully in a current of hot air..wastefully because I should line dry it, but it got kind of mildewy outside, so I want to be sure that it dries really well, to kill any mildew spores. Also the weather has been a bit damp for successful large scale line drying.

So....I had to take it out somewhere....yes. Not being in a mood for good behavior , I went and jumped headfirst into a debate on gay marriage...on the ultra conservative Homesteading Today forum. Oh, the joy of having someone to take it all out on! It gets tiring to make the same arguments every time, so my approach today is, fine: you want to deny marriage to gay people based on your religious beliefs, A-OK, really. Make it equitable, though. Make "marriage" a strictly religious institution, devoid of all governmental regulation, protection, sanction, etc. Everyone who wants civil rights attached to the relationship status can get a civil union. If you want both, then get both....but legal protection needs to be available to everyone regardless of orientation.

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