Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I got a call to come and model yesterday! Short notice (about an hour and a half!), but one of my selling points is that I'm always willing to fill in on a last minute basis if another model cannot or does not make it. Apparently there is an issue with art models being unreliable and not showing up, so I have made a point of always being there early when I'm scheduled and being a dependable substitute as well. :-) I didn't realize it, (miscommunication!!!) but the drawing classes did not even start until last night, so for the past several weeks I'd been expecting to be called to model and then felt let down when the calls didn't come through....from now on I will be keeping in contact with the guy who runs the classes rather than the administrator, because he's the one who has a better handle on what's going on. And the really great news is that he wants me to come back next week! Yes!

Of interest: I haven't noticed as much of a difference in terms of not feeling dissociated after modeling. My partner (can I call him that? Not sure....) and I have been working on the dissociation issues together and while there have been flashes of intense in-my-body sensations, I would have to say that the progress has been gradual. I don't find myself feeling completely dissociated at all anymore. The last time was during a PTSD moment. I used to be dissociated most of the time, which is sort of hard to imagine now.... So, this is very good. It takes a bit of the zing out of modeling,but there is still the general satisfaction related to the job and art...and of course the pay is always quite good and very welcome.

And--->have decided to quit mourning the wool/silk crochet lace scarf that got stolen from my house. Going to spin some more silk-wool blend and make a new one. At some point, will do the same with the Prismacolor pencils...and the Turkish drop spindle.

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