Monday, October 22, 2012

I need work. plant my garlic. I am thoroughly pissed off about the loss of my garden tools. The guy who took them returned and took a bunch of other stuff, mostly not mine but probably not his either....and it looked like he was planning on taking the propane tanks! They are empty, but....dream on, man. No fucking way. I need to catch this guy, sick of this.

And--> he said he knew my ex, says that my ex "seems a little retarded". WTF?! He might be my ex, but that's not OK, and it isn't true. Ex or not, the guy is fairly brilliant, particularly in comparison to this loser. There is enough vestigial loyalty left for me to bristle at this... I did not spend 8 years and bear 3 children with a guy who was a "little bit retarded". Grrrr. Not having sense enough to stop there, the next time he saw me, with the guy I'm seeing, he started in on him. Anyone with sense would see that if it's not OK to insult my ex, it sure as hell isn't going to be OK to insult someone I'm with and obviously enjoying being with. What. a. dolt.

I would loooooove to catch this jerk on camera, sneaking around and thieving from me.

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