Monday, September 15, 2003

Current mood is fairly upbeat: I just got back from the Interstate Fair where I showed 16 of my goats. They did well enough, all things considered, and I had a really nice time. A friend came with me, and I have to say that it made all the difference in the world in terms of actually enjoying the fair. The years past seem incredibly stressful and...well, sort of hollow and empty by comparison. Being alone in huge crowds of people isn't much fun.

Ah yes...the serotonin levels are still soaring (it's truly amazing that the sort of blows and downfalls that'd normally crush me, for days maybe, glide right over me at times like this). I expect that pretty soon it's going to drop significantly, so I've stocked up on dark Dove chocolate to cushion the landing somewhat.

Problems always seem harder when you're right in them, and being away has given me the perspective and objectivity I needed (well, maybe not all of it, but enough!) to go ahead and make some decisions and move in the right direction. Live surrounded by problems long enough, and they begin to seem insoluble (is that the right word?), and in time, one comes to accept them as necessary. It's a nasty trap, and the only way I've found combat it is to physically leave until the monster shrinks to mortal proportions, after which it can be dissected and solved.

Despite having a very happy week, I've actually gotten only a little sleep, having had a teething baby on my hands pretty much all the time. Poor kid- like all my children, he cuts his teeth in pairs; by the time they get the first four through the gums, their patience (and mine!) and has worn verrrry thin. So I think I'll catch some sleep now. :yawn:

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