Monday, September 10, 2012

I feel like throwing up. I have been trying to track down the bag of art supplies I lost at Annual Session pretty much since I realized I couldn't find them, which was halfway home. I looked through all the stuff when we unpacked. No luck. Asked the folks who drove us there, and eventually they said that they didn't find it either. Emailed the guy who was in charge of physical arrangements, no reply at all. Finally I decided to do what I should have done as soon as I realized it was gone: called PLU. Just got off the phone with them. The guy said that if they ever found it to begin with, they only hold things for a month and then they donate to Goodwill. It's gone.....all of it. Wherever the heck it is, it's gone and I am not getting it back. Remind me to only travel with things which are disposable to me from now on...there's no way I can afford to replace those things. The pencils alone would be over $100.... Turkish drop spindle, about $40....and the other stuff.... And the thing is, this bag was special, so that's why I had all my favorite stuff in this one bag. It's why I had it in hand. It must have been lost on the parking lot? Thrown out as trash (plastic shopping bag being reused)? I don't even want to think about it anymore..... :cry:

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