Friday, September 28, 2012

Unlike Farmville, there is no easily accessible information which tells you how much a given crop will produce per foot/yard etc, how much it will sell for and how much it will cost to plant it and keep it up. Even more problematic are factors such as first year production on unimproved soil or with new plants (when perennials, berries and trees are being considered), how much those perennial crops might or might not produce the first year or two per plant and the difference in production between commercially grown veggies vs organically grown crops grown on nice soil with lots of TLC. I guess that I am going to have to slowly compile my own data, and of course am regretting not having done so before when I was growing a LOT of stuff.

For example, I know that my winter squash was extremely productive, particularly in relation to the amount of weeding and care it needed (almost none) and also considering that it could be grown directly over sod, giving me a very nice garden bed of improved soil in which to plant other crops the next year. It hogged a lot of space, but was worth it to me for those reasons. But how much space per plant? How much (in pounds) marketable winter squash did it produce in relation to the space it used? I really have no idea, I can only say that I was quite happy with it and had more squash than I could use and found lots of happy customers who were very pleased with its quality.

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