Saturday, September 29, 2012

So, I have been crocheting children's hats. Several people really liked them and my goooooood friend put me in touch with a lady who owns a shop that sells that sort of thing. She wanted me to bring in 7-8 of them, but I am on #5 now and running out of yarn, so I just brought her the four that were finished, because I needed to sell some in order to make money to buy more yarn.... I took them in on Thursday morning and already two of them have sold! They're selling for $20, made of cotton yarn, the Sugar and Cream brand if I recall correctly.

The obvious solution to the yarn shortage problem is to use my own handspun yarn. I will have to price that accordingly....but if I include a little card explaining the source of the wool, process to make it (lots of TLC and personal touch, yada yada), etc, then I might be able to command a higher price for them. I will continue making the cotton hats as well and charging only $20 for those.

The beauty of it is that I can carry the yarn and crochet hooks along with me and work on it whenever, as opposed to some of the other things I've tried to make and sell. Success!

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