Sunday, February 01, 2004

Hey, cool; they finally vanished. I didn't think they were going to.

I finished Catcher in The Rye some time ago. It's funny: at first I thought he was a moron and a loser, but as the story went on, I realized that he deserved a little more credit, that he was just a lonely kid searching for someone to care about and something to live for. In fact, by the time I was through, I felt really sorry for him (I really did...) and upset with the clueless obtuse adults in his life. I began to wonder who was really nuts and screwed up- Holden, who sees through the ritualized phoniness all around him, or the so called 'normal people' that he's always feeling sorry for and depressed about.

I discovered another thrift store that has a steady supply of worthwhile books. I found (to name a very few) at least three by Pearl S. Buck, a variety of sci-fi, and I don't know what else; oh, some classics like Shakespeare and Bronte, etc.. also a Far Side book. I laughed so hard over this last night that I resolved to save the rest of it for the next time I'm feeling deeply, darkly depressed. I mean, there is just no way one could read it and not lighten up!! Gary Larson is great. :-)

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