Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Current mood: wired and frustrated. Which is sort of surprising actually, considering that I didn't get much sleep last night and it's past midnight now. Current music: none (kids sleeping) except for the Beatles song rolling around in my head- ''s driving me mad, it's driving me mad...'

In the garden: the lavender is in full bloom, very nice and smells wonderful. A few of the lilies survived the gophers and will be blooming soon. The hay has been cut and baled.

The house is currently undergoing a lot of renovation and one of the next steps will be installing a floor. With that in mind, I've been looking through three sets of floor tile samples; there are about 40-50 in each set. There are a lot of similarities between the sets, and here is the amazing thing: none of the sets have pure, solid colors without some sort of textured pattern (the surface is smooth). I mean there isn't even a plain white, only white with flecks of blue and pink and grey or whatever. Perhaps they carry these but they are not in the sets. It's a little odd. So anyway, I am trying to come up with a color and or design for the floor. So far I am debating- midnight blue w/ pale yellow, medium light blue with a slightly stronger yellow, or maybe just beige (how boring, and I've always despised people who choose the ultra safe route, too).

LOL...Just deleted a spam email. It was titled, 'binoculars that take digital pictures!' And what would we use those for? To view the parties who've taken herbal pills to enlarge their breast or penis size? Oh dear...;-) You know I just don't get why there is the constant assumption that bigger is better. After all, there *are* practical limits.

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