Friday, July 18, 2003

Ooooh, I am ticked. Ticked, ticked, ticked! There are three people who've bought goats from me and owe me money. One of them will never pay me. Another might....maybe. The third one is what's got me seething. I went out of my way, bent over backwards to sell her a doe, and it was a last minute thing so she coudln't pay me before I sent it it her. I even threw in a free doeling, and the prices were _cut-rate_ let me tell you! She sent some of the money, came up with excuses, said she'd send it by X date, didn't, sent a little more later, and still owes me about $100, I think. Here is what burns me- she's already sold both the does, as well as the kid from one of them (she was pregnant), and has been buying pricey stock from across the country. I don't know who's been buying the does that came form me, but I feel sorry for them, because they've been scammed. Those goats will never have paperwork until I've been paid off, and it's a shame because they were nice animals.

Now I've been browsing a couple of benefit auctions hosted by goatbreeders for various good causes, and guess who's been bidding helter skelter? Yeah, she has! Grrrrr!!

But mostly, I'm mad at myself for letting three different people get away with this sort of thing. I hate confrontations, and I hate hitting people up for money. I hate dealing with money, period, to be honest. I wish I could just breed goats, have people call me up and say "I want that one", pay me in full and go home happy. Or, if I could just keep goats and not have to worry about the money end of it at all.

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