Saturday, July 05, 2003

My thoughts are pretty disordered today, partly because I've got a headache. I keep neglecting to eat, because I'm not hungry. Other than fruit, cheese, and chocolate, nothing seems appetizing. By the time the headaches start, it's too late. :-/

Flotsam: I kind of liked this- 42 The strawberries are ripening. I don't care. They're as tiny as the wild ones, from lack of water, but without the sweet intensity that compensates for the diminuative size of the wild ones. The daylilies are just beginning to bloom, including a few that I started from seeds when I was at the height of my daylily obsession. Seductor and Nivia Guest, also purchased at that time, are going to bloom- finally, a couple of years after getting them. I've been painting, but nothing I do seems to turn out well. However it is still highly satisfying, which I don't understand at all.(?) Reading- Lucifer's Hammer. I don't know what's the matter with me; I feel quite whole in myself but it's as though all the world around me has gone colorless, dry and lackluster. I hate it.

For the fourth of July: I butchered a goat kid and we took it over to a friend's mother's place. There were a LOT of people there, near a hundred. Even my husband's ex-wife was there. it was a lot of fun just watching the various people interact. The goat was barbecued, and after eating there was a parade. Now, here is the interesting thing: at this parade, there are no spectators. The entire party of people marches down the county road, turns around, and marches back to the house! They ride tractors and horses, carry signs, sing songs and dress in costumes. Last year there were a number of handsome young men prancing around in bosomy dresses, constantly clutching at their fronts so as not to lose their breasts! So I was a little disappointed this time, but the crowd was still pretty lively and entertaining.

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