Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Now I feel bad: the gal I was fed up with just e mailed that she is going to pay for the does. I hate the way that money issues can take control of a person's life. The truth of the matter is that I'd be perfectly happy to *give* the goats away (assuming they went to good holes and were duly appreciated), if it weren't for the fact that the ones I keep incur expenses in vet bills, feed, medication, and replacement stock- also the yearly LN2 bill, which is coming right up.

Every so often I think that I should cut my losses and sell them all. Yeah, they're my friends, just about the only friends I have, and the only pets, at that. But they cost a lot to feed and I can't afford to do them justice so they can really hold their own in the showring. There are just too damned many of them. See, and that is the thing; when I'm really passionate about something, it isn't enough to have a token whatever and settle for that. One little scrub goat isn't enough, it has to be a herd of long, elegant, living sculptures with top of the line genetics. If I want concord grapes, one sprig won't do; a whole box might- two boxes is better! If I fall for a guy, I don't just like him, I totally lose my head and go completely out of my mind over it. I guess that the limited number of things that interest me is compensated for in intensity.

The thing is, if I sell the goats, it won't do any good. I'd just get a horse (or two, or...) or birds, or some non animal interest, and go ape over that.

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