Saturday, January 22, 2011

The dogs woke me up. I guess they had to go to the bathroom or something. :yawn:

My abnormal psychology class discussion is beginning to piss me off. These people talk about mental disorders and mental illness as though they are discussing another species. I have no idea what percentage of the population has had depression at some point in their lives (and I am too sleepy to go and look right now), but for anxiety disorder alone, 28% of the population will have had it. A sizable number of the people I meet have at least one thing that they are absolutely phobic of.

Considering *only* depression, anxiety disorder, and phobias....exactly what percentage of the population is and always has been untouched by any of these? I am guessing the number would be pretty damned low, so the cavalier attitude of "This is something that happens to other people", is totally uncalled for. The teacher is even worse, UGH!!!

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