Thursday, January 20, 2011

It must be the food. I feel more energetic and upbeat than I have in...hell. I don't know.

If I continue to feel this good for the next several weeks, I will have to conclude that the gluten free diet does in fact have merit, at least for me. Or it could be the meat. And oddly enough, I am not having the nightmares that usually go along with meat eating, either. I am a little afraid of smelling like a carnivore, but after some consideration, this is probably more detectable to vegetarians than it is to other meat eaters. And even with other vegetarians, chances are good that their noses aren't always as sensitive as mine is.

However....thinking....even though I eat meat now, I can still detect vegetarians on the basis of scent. They don't smell yummy like they used to though, they simply smell like vegetarians. :shrug: Go figure. As long as I don't start smelling bad, it's all good.

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