Sunday, January 23, 2011

I have to find someone with a printer to print out his reservation stuff, or he isn't going to be able to go anywhere. Hmmm. That might be a challenge.

I am still having a hard time with this. Will post a song later.

Contra dances, what was I thinking???? I don't wanna end up on the arm of some old widower who grabs me too tightly and smiles a little too much at me. Gah!!!!!!

I need to call the Bonner County extension office and see if I can scare up a fourth of an acre or so to plant my market crops on. And I need to order seeds. Um, but first, I need seed catalogs. And manure. And land to put the manure on. So, first things extension office.

Went to thrift store today after finding (or remembering anew) that running in jeans isn't such a hot idea, and got running clothes. Now I have to earn the body to put in them. Looked for a bike; nothing much there. Skis, only downhill. What is up with that, anyway? Goes without saying, there were no horses, either. ;-) Running will do for now, and it's good exercise for the dog. I still want a bike or something though, easier on the joints than pounding the pavement.

My son has a just-purchased suitcase (used) and it is sitting here empty. Resisting the urge to remind or nag....his problem.

And I need to buy plant the date seeds, pepper seeds, and to start whatever else I want to start growing for spring transplanting. I am finding that Thai and Indian cuisines are a natural fit for the array of foods that I eat; so Thai basil should probably be one of the things I grow, and preferably in some quantity. Maybe cilantro? I wish I knew more about Filipino cooking, but there were no such books at the library and my grandma is in Illinois.....

Going to cook up some junk food (Tasty Bite entree served over jasmine rice). I know white rice is bad compared to brown, but man, I am stuck on my jasmine rice!!

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