Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Found out that I can order textbooks online and still use financial aid to do so. This is good.

Random observations from the day:

Glasses make men look sexier (my opinion only). Which isn't to say that a guy can't look hot to me without them, just that the hotness factor goes UP once he has glasses on.

This is interesting to me because when I have glasses on, I feel less attractive. Yet, I suppose that there men who don't think that glasses = ugly. Somehow this has never before occurred to me. Which is strange, since the above preference has been pretty constant for years.

My dog has been on a killing frenzy!! She killed two mice in the house, nailing one so hard that there were squirt marks (yech!) and has been consistently getting them when she's outside, too. Yay, Bebe!

Now that I have committed to taking the Abnormal psych class, I'm wondering if I should have taken Art History instead, because I am still not sure psych is the direction I want to go in. However, in either case, I want to understand the DSM better than I do; how these classifications are made, what they entail, etc. Besides, art history is boring. Well, not as boring as say, the history of mechanized vehicles, but I guess that since art is abotu process and creativity to me, the history part is just terribly dry and static.

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