Saturday, January 15, 2011

I am in the mood for farming and growing things. Mood isn't really the right word. Yearning is more accurate.

It probably has to do with the warm, gentle wind that unexpectedly caressed my face late last night when I opened the door, and the scent of thawing earth that greeted me this morning. Or maybe it's that I found a "pumpkin" (actually a cucurbita maxima winter squash) variety that I've wanted for a year or two, that I bought seeds for last year, only to have my ex boyfriend keep them, and all the other uber-cool winter squash seeds I bought, too. He didn't even hand pollinate them to keep the seed lines pure, and I had never seen some of the varieties before. They are down the drain now. Jerk. I didn't take his seeds, but he somehow felt entitled to keep the stuff I selected and bought. Why on earth he thinks I would want to date him again is beyond my comprehension.

Anyway.....taking a deep breath.......I want to find an acre or so of land to borrow or lease for this growing season, plant winter squash, pumpkins, blue barley, garlic, flour corn, and other stuff on it. It will need to be reasonably accessible, sunny, have decent soil, and be very affordable, or available in exchange for a portion of the produce. There was something else I wanted to grow...onions, sunflowers....I had a dream I was planting sunflower seeds. Oh yeah. Now I remember: hull-less oats. All these things need to be relatively strong crops that can take a few days without my presence. Also, the land will need to have some water...for the squash at least.

Some of these things I will keep for myself, (onions, flour corn, blue barley) but others will be to sell, or at least to sell some of them. Hmmmmmmm........thinking....thinking......

And I need to get a source of free manure and start hauling it to this place now.

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