Sunday, January 23, 2011

I can't sleep. I have only one day left with my son, my firstborn, before I send him away to Hawaii. It seems like I should...I don't know. Despite all the conflict between us, this is going to be difficult. :-(

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Anonymous said...

Yes first born. it is bigger than you thought? it's always like that, just; before;.. a trip far far away. he is always yours, at your request. if he bad mouths you, there will be a discipline for that. i will not be lead to believe "drama spin" or other. you have the benefit of the doubt, we are the adults here. his new little sister needs help, and a respectable safety escort! big brothers are very handy! thank you, Jen. super job, you gave him so much....he will be educated, i hope he picks that, instead of reckless women. VW

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