Saturday, March 13, 2004

Currently: wiped out...exhausted...can barely think. Eight hours of strenuous work at the deli. I ate: 2 burritos, 2 energy bars. It seems like that should have been enough. And just now, I had about a cup of mashed potatoes. Anyway, I am so tired I feel almost brain dead.

Delilah (goat who needs C section): I just checked on her while feeding the herd. Her ligaments have softened up so that I can't feel them, meaning that she will go into labor in about 12 hours or less. I'm deliberating on whether it's more irresponsible to go to sleep and rest for tommorrow's work or to stay up to check on her through out the night. I'm kind of hoping she doesn't go into labor until morning, because I don't think the vet will cotton to working on a (gasp) goat in the middle of the night, which also entails waking up two or more vet techs to assist. Most vets will NOT work on a goat for any reason. This one tolerates them- he the only one in the area who does. I know better than to think he enjoys it, he sighs and is so reluctant about them, but at least he will do it. :-/ Think I'll go to bed and leave a note to check on her first thing in the morning. There's no way I could drive her to the vet's and stand there for an hour or two and return safely in my present state, and she also isn't uddered up yet- another sign of imminent birth. Hard calls... Don't know how my employer is going to like the notion of my being absent for some of the work due to a goat's C section..heh, heh.

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