Friday, March 12, 2004

I just worked the second day of my new job. (In case I didn't mention this before, it's as a Community Support Specialist- working with developmentally disabled people- adults and children). I'm very happy with it- it doesn't even feel like work. I came away from it with a sense of contentment and satisfaction. Life is good. :-)

Tomorrow, it's back to the old grind at the deli.

I took the color test- the results: (I picked orange, then the orange red, the yucky hot pink last of all)
Finds it difficult to bear the burdens of the present situation. Wants to be free of them. Wants to turn attention toward new types of experience that offer more hope. Expects that different circumstances will enhance potential freedom for wider range of experience.
(ultramarine blue/violet, midnight blue, warm tropical blue least appealing)
Does not want to allow any feeling of distance from the person who is valued as a partner to arise. Wants to avoid anything leading to personal isolation or loneliness. Wants to be totally immersed with intense enthusiasm and engaged communion in the beloved or a personal task and activity. Finds the beloved or the task to be what makes life worthwhile and its dominating force, bringing true contentment and fulfillment.

These color tests always baffle me. How can color preferences infer so much? I *always* would pick that shade of blue, unless I was in a very dark mood. Then it'd be midnight blue first. On the other hand, I can't really argue with it, arrgh.

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