Monday, February 20, 2012

Hey, I survived last week and the weekend! February is almost done. :-)

I've found someone who may be willing to rent kiln space to me at a more reasonable rate than the Arts Alliance. The next problem, should I do this, becomes one of glazes- specifically, either buying some or getting the chemicals to make them. It will behoove me to use glazes that are both dependable and interesting enough/variable enough that I can use the limited array without being boring.

Iron red and iron oxide are cheap...because iron oxide is just rust so I can get a lot of it for very little. Iron red is also dependable.

I'll need a white.

There should be a cobalt derived blue. Cobalt carbonate is expensive.

A shino glaze is another standard that I should have. No idea what is in these.

It would be good to have a fairly transparent, glassy green similar to the one I used as a student at the college.

Maybe a brown, or a glaze like the seacrest purple we used at college that was so dependably good and interesting.

And then....I can make more fish. I found a gallery that is looking for another potter. If I can start turning out the work and afford the monthly fee (it is a co-op so they take no commission)...I could have work in a gallery in time for the tourist market.

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