Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Seriously considering taking the sheep shearing class and spending part of the summer shearing as many sheep as I can find.
  • I've always wanted to do this kind of work, since the summer I helped out with lamb docking on a large sheep ranch in Wyoming (the lambs from 2,000 ewes- no idea how many lambs there were). It was very hard work...and I felt so fulfilled doing it.
  • If and when I get fiber animals of my own, I will want/need to shear them.
  • I need to be around animals and cannot have my own. Shearing sheep that belong to others will still give me that animal fix and it will pay, bringing me closer to the goal of having a place where animals would be a possibility.
  • There would be constant access to all kinds of fiber, from all kinds of sheep. This beats having to pay for it outright or worse, having to feed and house all sorts of different sheep.
  • It will keep me busy and my mind occupied, as opposed to dishwashing, which keeps me busy but still leaves my mind free to fret and stress. I do not think I am going to be able to handle another year of stressing and worrying and feeling worthless. The best antidote to feeling worthless is to go out and do something worthwhile and succeed at it.
  • Opportunity to get a lot of exposure and experience with many breeds of sheep.
  • This line of work would align nicely with some of my long term goals.
  • If I'm going to be alone, this is what I'd like to do with my life. If not...guess I'll cross that unlikely bridge when it comes up.
  • Also, my body is so out of shape and weak that it's embarrassing. I'm turning into a weakling. Being physically fit is important to me...and work is a good, profitable way to get there.

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