Friday, May 18, 2012

Having a very hard time coming up with any variety in terms of decent things to eat when not at home. Mostly have been eating nuts (primarily hazelnuts and almonds- sometimes toast the hazelnuts- no salt added), kale chips (a bit spendy), chocolate, dried fruit (sparingly and it has to be unsweetened which is often not easy to find), occasionally a little cheese or fresh fruit.


  • Trail mix with beef or buffalo jerky, nuts, maybe sunflower or pumpkin seeds and small amounts of dried fruit or berries. NO peanuts or raisins!!
  • Kale chips, made at home.
  • Vegetable chips or chunks, dried. For example, slices of seasoned and cooked, then dried winter squash or sweet potato. There are veggie chips available commercially but usually they are deep fried like potato chips.
  • Dried smoked salmon
  • A mix of toasted and seasoned (with nutritional yeast?) nuts and seeds. Again, no peanuts!

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