Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mickinnick trail is totally different in the summer compared to winter, particularly at the top. The last time I saw the last half mile, it looked as if it were just an undulating expanse of snow punctuated by occasional trees and rocks. Apparently I was walking on top of all sorts of fairly large shrubs and lightweight trees (alders) without even realizing it. We (son + dogs) had a good long hike. Once we can do this with a minimum of fatigue or soreness (easily in other words), the plan is to switch to more challenging hikes such as Scotchman's Peak, Beehive Lakes, etc. Went to Lost Lake last Sunday. Man, what a letdown that was (picture a giant mud puddle, a couple of feet deep, tan, muddy color). Next time we go somewhere new, I will google for it first to get a general idea of the desirability of said hike. There was an affordable and highly interesting place for rent at the Eureka Center, and the Eureka Center also has potential work, so looking for Eureka Rd was part of Sunday's mission, but we never did find it. After looking it up and seeing just how much farther than Lost Lake it freaking way! Not sure if it's still for rent anyway, but living in a yurt sounded fun (until winter maybe?). We found some really cool plants on Mickinnick, will post pictures tomorrow.

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