Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My manager's been changing my hours around like crazy, and in my typical aspiness, this drove me nuts, mostly because it was change. I have been bitching and griping about it for the past week and a half. However...I realized tonight that I much prefer the shift she has switched me to. It is calmer, quieter, has much less exposure to the guy who is triggering rage, and there are very few co-workers around on this shift. I know about closing already from my prior job; it's essentially the same thing with different details. I think that if only I could get her to reduce the days per week that I'd be working, so as to have one day per week free for appts, etc, I will actually prefer this shift greatly to the one that I had.

Also it would allow me time in the day to go hiking with the dogs before work...as I did today. I saw three garter snakes on the trail in the space of an hour! I don't wish them any harm but seeing them always scares me. Maybe I'm afraid of inadvertently stepping on one and having it try to bite me. :-/ If I get an earlier start, before the rocks are warm, there won't be so many of them sunning themselves.

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