Sunday, May 27, 2012

My sister and her family are visiting. It is great to see them all...and man, have we been doing a lot of cooking! I've been eating almost as much per meal as I would usually eat in an entire day (if you don't count the chocolate). It's so nice to have and to be around family, although perhaps one appreciates family more when interaction is a choice. And it was also good motivation for cleaning the kitchen and living room area really well; it looks very nice. Also, my brother got married recently, and apparently his wife, (I believe she is a forester?) asked for art relating to trees... I am in luck here! Was feeling fairly sheepish about not being able to afford to buy her anything, so this is a relief. I will give her my best effort. Because they live on the other side of the country, I don't see my family very often (except for my full sister, who lives in Moscow). I haven't seen my brother in years, since he was in his early teens and haven't met his new bride. She looks like she has a kind heart, like she adores him, and seems very much down to earth.

Anyway, nothing deep to write about tonight...need to hit the sack.

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