Friday, May 25, 2012

I feel sad tonight. However there is no point in worrying because when I think about it, how on earth could this situation get much worse? I suppose it could...but really, there is nothing I can do about it. And that's what is so frustrating. Unlike many women, I am not content to simply gripe and bitch, I want to fix the problem. Griping and bitching is for when I can't fix it or am trying to find out how to fix it. Ha.

Anyway...I have to move in a month, so have been trying to pare down stuff to what we truly enjoy. It is so hard to shake off the subsistence "this is still usable!" mentality. If I am not using it, it is not usable to me, so it is only taking up space. I should reduce the number of books we have....alas, this is painful despite the sheer mass and weight they comprise. It is much easier to eliminate excess clothing since I only wear a few favorite items repeatedly anyway! If it is not something that I am happy to see in the drawer, something that gets reached for regularly, it goes. The children's books are one category that should be gone through though, with the children. Also there is a lot of sci-fi that is not going to get read... All the extra stuff just makes more cleaning and detracts from stuff that I would like to see and time with which to do more enjoyable things (like bitching and griping online, lol).

What else...oh yes: I get to go to the Pacific Northwest Quaker Women's Theology Conference. There are a few details (what to do with my son, dogs, and goldfish while I am gone) to wrap up, otherwise it looks like a go.

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