Thursday, May 31, 2012

Maybe I could take 12 credits in a semester, if I were able to focus. Unfortunately, my neuropsych eval has to be completed before I can get on any kind of a medication that would do that, because otherwise, the attention/focusing part of the test will not be accurate. That is 2.5 weeks away, if I am lucky, if the other paperwork and testing results from my psychologist (may she rest in peace) are found.

I wish that I were more functional. I wish that I were whatever it is I'd have to be.... I need to work and make more money than I am making right now, but these little 4 hours shifts are still involving enough anxiety that I hole up in the bathroom (or want to, really badly) and turn the lights off, try to press myself into a corner until I feel calm again. It doesn't work very well. If the library will hire me, I could work full time without freaking, and there are no sharp bladed items here (current site of internet). I have to ask them how that volunteer app is going.....

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