Friday, November 18, 2011

I don't have much of any depth to talk about right now....

The snow is inconvenient but it's so clean...and fresh....and it smells nice....and if you stand outside at night when it's snowing and listen, it makes a very quiet, delicate sound.

I forgot to put the flaxseed in the scones this morning and was surprised by how much blander and less interesting they were. They taste more like the standard type of scones that can be bought anywhere. My next big culinary/health food goal is to cook some of the apples into applesauce, combine them with various healthy ingredients, and make my own (gluten free of course, and minimal sugar) energy bars. I've read the ingredients on the ones in the store, and have been am consistently disappointed in the high level of sugar/honey/agave syrup/etc used to hold the ingredients together. One of the bars has dates as a main ingredient, but dates are so sickeningly sweet..... Probably I will make one batch of applesauce and make 4 or 5 small trial recipes from that.

Tried to find a small diameter, high sheen natural yarn to make more hats with at Ben Franklin's this evening. Design details show up better that way and I don't like to use polyester/acrylic/etc (or to wear it, for that matter...I will confess to being a bit of a snob when it comes to this sort of thing). The closest thing I found was pearl cotton, but they only have it in tiny little skeins for about $1.50 each. It would probably take at least 7 skeins to make a hat, so if I wanted to sell the hats, the materials cost alone would be about $10, time would be about 2 hours......and with a commission of 20%, I can't really afford to make and sell them unless I can get a high quality yarn for less. People do not want to pay $25 for a hat. I can get standard, matte finish type cotton yarn for less than that.....and this is an option even though less aesthetically pleasing. Probably I will look online or check out a larger store such as Michael's in CDA first.

So instead, I ended up buying a waterbrush to use with masking fluid for a particular watercolor technique I've been playing with....sort of like batik on paper. Will see if the masking fluid, which has a strong latex component, gums up the water brush (which is plastic) like it did my paintbrush.

And.....I have a lot of fabric stockpiled from the years when I hoarded it for quilting and then couldn't bear to cut it up. Am seriously considering making a quilt again.

Ah. See, I am getting all domestic and stuff. Hmmm. That's kind of embarrassing, but I'm enjoying it so much! :-P

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