Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I hate it when the various components of my life don't interact in a functional way.

Example: NIC is charging me out of district tuition. I have no idea where the courthouse is, and when I find it, which office I should go to. I do know that if I can find it, I can sign some paper so that the county will compensate me for the out of district expenses. I have no idea what this paper is called or how to describe it verbally. I haven't done these things simply because I am embarrassed to ask. I was able to sign up for the abnormal psych class.

I want to have my head looked at to see if the problems I have with math involve attention span and short term memory, or if I am actually unable to do it. I already asked my doctor, and his solution was to put me on the med that just about killed me with depression and suicidal ideations. I have failed or withdrawn from this class five or six times already!!! What do I have to do to get someone to listen to me when I ask for help for trying to find out what is going on?

And then there's my phone. It is on the auto refill plan. It should have refilled today, and it hasn't. The phone is an essential tool that I have to have. Because it has not been refilled, I cannot call the company to find out WHY they haven't refilled it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr................

And now, Dido's White Flag is playing.

I should go find some food and talk to my service coordinator instead of wasting time bitching here.

Update on my son: he's decided to move in with a different ex, one that I get along well with. I only hope that he interacts positively with my children there.

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