Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reflection: I have to say that the things I have been dealing with in the past year have forced me to confront the abandonment/rejection issues with my mom.

And in the course of this, I realized: I remember her walking out the door the first time clearly. What I don't remember at all, not even slightly, is when, after kidnapping me for a few days, she left me on a street corner, alone. I was 3 years old. The street corner was in a city. I don't remember that, any of it, but I know she actually did it, because she denies all sorts of other things that happened, and she doesn't deny that. How long was it before my aunt or relative came to pick me up? I don't know and I can't even imagine leaving any young child alone on any corner for any length of time for any reason. When people came to get me, did they comfort me? If it was my grandma, I'm sure she did. Nearly all of the human warmth I got during childhood came from her.

God. Who would do such a thing???

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