Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tired (still fighting off the cold!) but reasonably happy. The job interview went well, seemed auspicious enough. It would only be washing dishes, cleaning and other grunt work but at this point I would be pretty grateful for any job, particularly one which will enable me to sign up and pay for the second class before the deadline. I need to get my act together again and bring my GPA up.

Finished the re-do of the failed painting, and this one is considerably better. Unfortunately I haven't been able to scan either of them yet....will probably have another one or two by the time they do get scanned. And now that they're done, I'm intimidated by that new coffee shop and afraid to even think about that. What the heck was I thinking??!!! My work is not that good. I mean, it's nice, I like it, but it isn't exceptional or anything. It is fun to make, though and when I make it regularly, it gets better, sometimes better enough to surprise me. And I learn things about myself while I'm making things, whether it's clay or working on paper. I'm not always able to put those things into words, but I feel them, see them, understand them.

And....sometimes I simply don't want to talk about those things, not in words anyway.

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