Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I have a job interview tomorrow! Several hours after finding this out, I'm still doing the happy dance!

And...I just butchered a turkey for the first time. For the record, my friend's turkey, easier than I thought it would be and because she was attached to it, having raised it from a small poult. I didn't realize what huge, soulful eyes they have until I had the knife to it's throat. There's nothing like butchering to put meat into perspective. I hate killing birds and animals, but it's necessary as long as our culture eats eggs and dairy products. The alternative to meat eating is to allow infants to die if their mothers cannot breastfeed them... I do still think that meat should be primarily a by product of dairy and egg production rather than an end in itself.

Got rid of the sucky painting so I don't have to ever see it again and am now halfway through its replacement.

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