Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I need to be more discriminate about what gets written here. Ugh.

I need to find a way to get enrolled in school again for at least two classes, and preferably with the ceramics class being one of them. Right now I've managed to sign up for abnormal psychology. If I can come up with enough money somehow to enroll for a second class, it should probably be the history of western art class. I failed both these when I shouldn't have and getting A's should boost my GPA enough to get financial aid again.

And I guess in the summer I can take the developmental psychology class.....and I should talk to people at LCSC about the possibility of getting a 4 year degree there.
Not sure what to do about the math class yet. I could either take that in the summer or in the fall.....

I talked to a shrink today and it appears (?!) that he diagnosed me with ADHD inattentive disorder. He says that there is no longer an ADD dx, which sort of came as a surprise to me...says there hasn't been one for years. So, where was I going with this....oh, right. He is putting me on one of the meds I've already tried, just a different dosage said it should help. I really need for it to help a LOT. Between the distractions during lectures and the test anxiety and the driving and everything else.....I know that I am intelligent enough to pass this stuff and it's demoralizing not to be able to.

Frankly, I am still trying to figure out how he could get my history, diagnose, confirm prior dx's and prescribe a med, all in the space of an hour. But at this point, I am not going to argue with it. I just want to be able to get my act together, to not be such a flake, to be able to pass these classes, to function.

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