Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Everyone seemed like they were going out of their way to greet me and be nice to me at work today! It's not that they're usually mean, was different. The closing shift is working out really well for me; the only thing is that I am not sure how to integrate working until 7 pm with my children, particularly the youngest two. Other than that, there's very little micro-managing on this shift, because everyone else wants to go home and is glad I'm staying, and while I like them, the place is nicer as it quiets down, much less stressful.

No summer school. State tax refund arrival did not coincide with tuition deadline. I've decided to study the college algebra book on my own time over the summer, memorize the point/slope formulas, that sort of thing. If the book doesn't make sense, maybe the library has other books that will explain it more visually. When fall comes, I'll take the two classes I need in order to boost my GPA, and the ceramics class, if I can afford them. If things are going well in the spring and I have my head together, I could possibly try Statistics and the Psych Research class, and that would fulfill pretty much everything I can take at NIC that would transfer usefully to the University of Idaho. Or, I can just take the fall classes, get my AS degree and then decide what to do from there, but an Associates degree means very little.

Haven't been doing much work with, getting rid of stuff, washing laundry, wasting time being sad, hiking, working, paperwork ad nauseum. I go to the Women's Conference next week though and want to bring handwork. In order to do that, I need to have sufficient yarn. So....towards that end, if there is time, I'll try to spin up the remaining Shetland wool into laceweight yarn.

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