Friday, June 29, 2012

My son's dog is recovering and doing much better. She is on antibiotics; surprisingly they did not put her on any after the spay procedure! Meanwhile, I am nearly done moving everything out and now have a weekend of cleaning of cleaning the old place and settling into the new one. And....a lot more minimizing is necessary. I got rid of so much stuff and there is still way too much.

The owner of the store where I used to work looked surprised and slightly sad when he found out I'd been fired. The owners of the place are really nice people. They just happen to have hired someone as a manager who really is not qualified to manage anything, let alone a deli. She's not a bad person. Not my kind of person (she is passive aggressive and I can't deal with that) but she's not evil or anything....she simply does not have what it takes to manage the deli. No brains, no real knowledge of natural foods and no business sense (such as planning the weekly menus to use produce that is going to be cheap that week, since organic produce is very expensive) and also, no math skills. She said that I am good at math.....that really frightened me. Knowing how to calculate a simple 33% markup using a calculator is not "good at math". It is fundamental math that any deli worker, even a dishwasher, should know.

At any rate...I will never again have to curl up in the corner of that bathroom, trying to feel calm again, trying to feel ok. I will never have to walk on eggshells and wonder when the axe is going to drop. Instead, am going to see if the library ever looked at my application. The one sure thing about working at the library (volunteer or otherwise) is that I will never see the deli manager there. Yeah, that's snide. It's also 100% true.

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