Saturday, June 16, 2012

One of the Quaker matriarchs, who seems to have made a quilt for nearly every longtime Friend who attends this meeting, gave me a quilt this evening! I am so honored. :-)

Several of the women here are scientists; I talked to one of them this evening. She thinks I should give chemistry another try...her husband is a psychologist and she says that the two of them debate the subjectivity of the psych field (my main gripe with it) quite a lot. The thing is, I don't know what on earth I could do with a 4 year degree in botany or even biology. I love science almost as much as I love art....but as far as jobs? Nevertheless, it does bear some thought.


One of the things I really like in botany (and elsewhere)...taxonomy. It's sort of like sorting a shelving library books, only with organisms and plants. :-) one of the other scientists here pointed out...botany is an area where you can work on your own and develop a good reputation even without a botany degree, especially if we're talking field botany. She told me about a guy who's been doing a lot of successful work in ethnobotany and as far as she knows, he doesn't have a botany or biology degree.

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