Saturday, June 09, 2012

Packed: all of my books that can be packed away over the summer. There are about 12 banana boxes full, not counting the ones in the closet....and about 2 boxes that I will retain use of. Also about another box of books to be given away. All I did was pack books, make dinner and am now doing laundry, but am tired and out of boxes. Panicking because I can't find my Gray's Anatomy book. It is the cheap paperback version, but I've had it for years and it is a staple. Where is it? What else is missing? I can replace it, but the specter of other books being gone is alarming. Other women collect jewelry and useless kitschy stuff, for me it's books and seashells. If I lost all my jewelry (what there is of it), I wouldn't be much affected. Books, on the other hand....there would be a meltdown.

Going to purge some of the quilting fabric. It's hard to feel excited about quilting when three of the most beautiful, completely hand pieced quilts I ever made have just vanished unaccountably. Will keep favorite fabrics and donate the rest to a worthy Quaker cause (stem cell patients) when I go to the Women's Conference. Tomorrow, I have to pack pottery and other breakables, get rid of any I don't want, clean out the closets in the kid's rooms (dreading that already).

Finishing up a debate on gender selection in abortion, at Homesteading Today and just as that started winding down, a new thread about circumcision started up. Neither one of these will be available for viewing by the general public, because after joining, one has to post on the forums that are visible before the livelier forums become accessible. It annoys me that the opposing sides on these debates are unable to back up their position without resorting to religion, i.e. "God said so!". Invoking divine assistance is not fair play, particularly when the topic is not directly related to religion. It seems that God has an opinion on everything though, and who would have guessed- He always agrees with them! (yawn)

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