Monday, June 04, 2012

Tire blew on the way home, and oh my, how it blew! It ripped open in at least five or six different places. We were very lucky, because this happened only half a mile uphill from where we live, so all I had to do was hobble-coast slowly down the hill. It would have been a fairly unpleasant situation had we been further away. Changed the tire in the rain (which was a little uncomfortable but I like rain and now my hair will be soft!) and now it is good to go. If the tire were going to blow, this was probably one of the most fortuitous ways it could have done so.

And I'm really glad for that, because I was up until 2 AM (at least) last night cleaning the house, up at the normal time for more cleaning and getting my sons ready to go and am now doing laundry before turning in to try to recover some of yesterday's lost sleep. But- the house looks pretty nice! Now I have to go through half a closet full of boxes of books (not tonight!). If they've sat in a closet for two years without being very missed and if when I open the boxes, it isn't like opening a care package from Grandma, then they will be subject to serious consideration for exiting the household. Also, a lot of craft supplies for crafts that I do not do anymore or particularly even enjoy the thought of doing anymore. It's one thing to find something and say, "Oh! I used to do that! I miss doing that!" and another to feel somewhat chagrined by not having any interest at all in finishing whatever project the stuff was bought for. Let someone else enjoy it the way I used to. The more stuff I get rid of, the easier it will be to move....and the more space we'll have to enjoy the stuff we really like and use.

And....sketched on Mickinnick today. Those bloody mosquitoes! (literally) I don't know that the drawing I made is at all worthwhile but it was fun, the process was much more engaging and conducive to creativity and frankly, my work isn't selling well anyway so I had might as well enjoy making it! All in all, not a bad day.

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