Friday, June 22, 2012

Lots of work to do, even after I'm all done moving. There is no way that everything we have will fit in this place. I either have to store some of it, get rid of some of it, or build a little shed or lean to to store it in...or more probably some combination of these. Moved most of the creepy stuff out of the house...and the smelly stuff. What kind of smelly stuff? Well, a bucket of filthy, smelly water and a package of what I think may have been rotten meat. A bum had taken up residence there last winter. He apparently was an alcoholic who chewed tobacco and didn't bother to throw out the remains of his habits. A neighbor ran him off, and I guess he didn't stop to take the meat or food with him so it just rotted there. Yuck. Mostly though the place smelled like strange men who didn't bathe often enough. Removed most of the textiles and a mattress, and that really helped. Did some preliminary surface cleaning but not nearly enough yet. These people seem never to have heard of garbage cans or dumps. Luckily most of the garbage was outside.

I have to hurry and plant the herbs since they were dug up rather precipitously thanks to losing my temper....Best solution I can think of is to move a pile of logs, revealing a patch of soil without grass or other vegetation, so it would be easy to plant. I would have to carry water farther to them....but this will be OK. Then there will be the vegetable plants I have...some are in buckets so location is not critical for those. It is still early enough to plant greens, peas and root vegetables for a late summer early fall harvest, if I plant them within the next month or so.

Then there's the Yearly Quaker meeting, which I am already looking forward to. Friends will be there who were not present at the Women's Conference and I'll be taking two of the children for this. employer is treating each employee to tickets for the Festival at Sandpoint. We each had to pick one concert (of a week, different group or artist each week). Allison Krauss has a lovely voice, but she's country and her songs are sad....Counting Crows is OK but that's a dance concert and the thought of being alone in the midst of a large crowd of people in random motion is daunting, so I picked the Spokane Symphony. This will probably be more sedate and I haven't been to a classical concert since I lived in Chicago. Nobody else at work had picked this one when I wrote the selection down on the list. At any rate, it is very generous of our bosses to do this for us. It's too bad Allison Krauss isn't bringing Robert Plant with her- that I would love to go to.

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