Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When you manage to screw up your blog on Blogger, it's pretty sad. This place is close to foolproof. Except for having to make paragraph spaces using HTML, I have no complaints. Also, it is considerably better than it was when I started this. Anyway, now I know: you can switch from post to draft, but switching back from draft to post screws up the dates so it loses the original post date. This can be fixed manually if one remembers to type in the date where it is supposed to be....

Anyway, I am exhausted. Been packing, stressing, working, chasing children, throwing stuff out, telling them what goes where and to prioritize in case there is not room for it all....I have too much stuff, but about half of my own things are books, and over a fourth of it is wool, fabric, art supplies, etc. Luckily, wool is lightweight even though voluminous. The remaining fourth would be seashells, clothing, pottery, etc. Books, being both very heavy and bulky (somehow I managed to get them in here and seem to have lost muscle since then) are a sensible place to cut back, and I've really tried...but...books... I don't wear all those clothes, or need all of that fabric, either. Can't bear to dispose of many more books.

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