Saturday, October 01, 2011

Decision: I am going to take the college algebra class in the spring semester. this impossibly difficult class is still only 3 credits, a fact which baffles me, so I will need 3 more credits in order to be attending school half time. Those 3 credits should probably be in abnormal psychology, because once the DSM V comes out and makes it way into a textbook, I'll have to buy a new unnecessary expenditure of money. Whether or not I go into a psych field or anything similar, this class is practical because A: I already failed it and I need to bring my GPA up, B: I need credits to fill degree requirements and C: it is practical in my everyday life (hey- no laughing!).
It's an easy class. I didn't fail it because it was difficult, I failed it because I was totally non-functional.

Between now and then, I should be focusing on things which will ensure my success in the spring semester and which will make life more workable and less complicated. This may include studying both books ahead of time since I have them both and finding a more suitable living situation with less stress.

I cannot lie. It hurts me to no longer be a botany major. If (lmao!) I could get a good (at least a B) grade in that math class, I could potentially get a degree in sustainable agriculture. In order to get the botany/biology degree, I'd have to get a grip on chemistry.

And speaking of chemistry and math and difficult subjects...I got a book on ADD. There is an awful lot of overlap between Asperger's and ADD. As usual with non-fiction books, I didn't start the book from the beginning (I just open it at random places and read for a few pages from wherever the book happened to open or get interesting) and I haven't read the whole thing, so perhaps I'm mistaken. Apparently social gaffes and boundary issues and having trouble focusing in the face of competing stimuli are not limited to aspies. Neither is being clueless or having major problems with interpersonal relationships. Have I been misdiagnosed or???? Is there anything that can be done to enable me to focus long enough to actually comprehend the material and pass the class? Is there hope for someone like me? I don't know the answers to these questions yet....but I do know that my IQ is high enough that I should be able to pass the classes which are giving me trouble. I'm not stupid. Socially clueless and clumsy, sure....but not stupid. :-/

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