Saturday, October 01, 2011

Speaking of food......for all my criticism and discussion about other people's food choices, I don't generally detail my own. Well, that's not fair.

So.....aside from the basic preferences, allergies and aversions, there is also Jen's personal code of ethics (yeah, she does have one), which is that morality is defined by whether or not the behavior or action in question is sustainable. Things which are not sustainable over the long term if most people did them are not sustainable and are therefore immoral...generally speaking.

For example, it is unethical in my book, to eat things such as eagles because eagles do not reproduce quickly enough to sustain that kind of predation by humans. GMO crops are unethical because it isn't sustainable to fuck around haphazardly with nature and to breed for seed that contaminates open pollinated, non-GMO crops with much wider genetic diversity. It isn't sustainable for every human on earth to eat meat three times a day- our planet simply will not sustain this without doing damage to the environment, therefore high meat consumption, especially meat from CAFO operations, is unethical. Soy, rapeseed (canola), corn....all GMO so all therefore unethical. Cutting down rainforests to grow coffe, chocolate, etc...unethical because unsustainable. Conventional agriculture....not sustainable.

Some of this can be gotten around by buying Fair Trade, Rainforest Certified, Organic, etc. I attempt also to take positive steps, such as....purchasing tree-grown foods when possible. In my mind, trees are a long term commitment, one that can last after we're all dead and gone. Annual crops are the equivalent of a one night stand. Perennials, more like a long term relationship. Generally speaking, annual crops are subject to exploiting resources, not investing much. Tree grown food (nuts, fruit, tree derived oils) relies on the grower caring for the tree, staying put, giving back.

At least, that's the way my romantic little head thinks of it. :-P

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