Saturday, October 01, 2011

Wait- NIC doesn't have an agriculture degree anymore.

Another option: Interdisciplinary Studies This would give me a chance to combine Botany and Art. Or Botany and Psychology. What would I do with this sort of degree? Hmmm.

I could also transfer to another college and take up Ag there...but the plain truth is that I want to practice farming, not sit in a classroom hearing about it for 3 more years. :-/ I also don't especially want to be so far away from my kids, although Moscow, Idaho is an incredible and vibrant place to live.

Here are the Botany Degree Requirements. I would have to take both Chem classes, Physics, and another fairly difficult math classes after the one I've taken five times (yes...five times). That's 18 credits, not including the three from the doomed math class. And I think that if I intend to pass Chem 11 and Chem 112, it would be wise to take Chem 101 over again and to understand it thoroughly. I think I got a C in it, possibly a B-.

On the other hand.....with 20 science credits under my belt already, I could very easily do the Interdisciplinary Studies degree (still trying to figure out why I'd wanna do that instead of general studies though).

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