Monday, October 24, 2011

I can't sleep until 1-2 AM lately....have already tried the usual things...nice hot relaxing shower, reading a book, writing down whatever's bothering me (actually that does help somewhat), and the basic array of things people do when they want to sleep and cannot. The most reliable seems to be having a nice, dark cold one, but since beer is verboten where we live, that's not really an option. The last time this happened, I gave up, got up and cleaned the house so that at least I would feel productive.

I am also flunking out in the art department lately, at least when it comes to drawing, so have temporarily turned to other handwork. I'll try to post a picture before I log off tonight and go home (no internet at home for the past couple weeks). I have a lot of unfinished projects, and it's kind of satisfying to work on them when the creative drive is at an ebb.

I finally found a mandoline at the thrift store. Oddly enough, have been sort of into cooking and baking lately, and some of the recipes call for slicing things very, very thinly. Since my son has defected (kidding!) and become a Red Sox fan, I have felt the need to assert that the Cubs are where it's at....however, none of the thrift stores have had anything even remotely like that....understandable given the distance...and I am not shelling out $80 for a new Cubs hoodie.

And speaking of Chicago, have been reading this book. It takes place in the same general area I lived in before my sister and I left to live with our mom. I lived between Grand and North avenues and near where both of them intersect with Pulaski. The author lived near Humboldt Park. It was a rough it's sort of odd that in such a violent book, I should get a sense of nostalgia. :-P

I get so scared when I see you these days....I shouldn't miss you anymore, it makes no sense. But I do...I do.

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