Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last night/this morning

Stress/anxiety: My eldest offspring wants to move back here. Specifically, he wants to move in with the ex who I have been having trouble with. Understand: I do love my son. However......this new development freaks me out. There is no good reason for him to come back here; the climate is colder, jobs are not any more plentiful, not is housing any easier to come by. He does not seem to have made any progression towards anything positive since he left. The ex will do just about anything to make life uncomfortable for me. The crazymaking continues.........

Serendipity: After receiving a confirmation email on the sweatshirt, Son 2 and I go to Goodwill and find....a Cubs T shirt! Ha.

Also at Goodwill: Nothing for a Halloween costume. Nor any crockpots. There was a futon that I wanted very, very badly, and there were XX skis my size and even a pair of boots that would fit....and the money I had was insufficient for this expenditure.

So I went home (with, of course, the T shirt) and evaluated the stuff I already have.

Halloween: I have some stuff that will work, after fact, I have 2 choices. I am deliberating on whether the footwear I have for this outfit is the best. The idea of tripping around in heels is a little aversive, could be fun for a few hours. And that's why Halloween is my favorite holiday. For one day, you can express yourself, dress outlandishly, play out fantasies, etc, no matter how outlandish or silly they might be. I don't even eat most of the candy I get, but it is fun to run around with the kids (even if it is hard to explain my costume to them!).

General: I need to start putting my life back together again.

And right now: find pears? Or go hiking with the dogs? Hmmmmm. Look for pears, then hike, I suppose. I am so out of shape. :-(

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