Sunday, October 02, 2011

I suppose that with an Interdisciplinary Botany/Psych degree, I'd be uniquely fitted to work at a Camphill Village. I've mentioned Camphill often here, so I'll post a link: Camphill, Copake, New York. There are others across the country, but I've only been to the one in Copake, so can't really say what the others are like except that they all operate on more or less the same principles.

The primary drawback to this is that I have almost no use for anthroposophy. The allure, aside from the sort of lifestyle that I'd prefer to be living anyway, the fantastic food, and the desire to give something back to the world, would be this: "Life at Camphill Village is based on the active affirmation of the dignity, spiritual integrity, and valued contribution of each individual." (quote from above website) I was only there for a week or less, but I tell you, that place felt like home. The pay is unimpressive, but all of one's needs are accounted for, so (shrug).

I guess my other main bitch would be that I like to have my own farming projects going, and farming/gardening/raising livestock is one area of my life where I turn into the control freak from hell. I simply do not like for whatever I'm doing in this arena to be fucked around with at all. I don't like people telling me what to do, interfering, taking over, etc. I sometimes let people help....if they are people who will respect that this is my pursuit and the plants, animals, etc, have got to be respected.

I'm not proud of being that way, but it is what it is, and it probably is not going to change for the simple reason that it isn't high enough on the priority action list to be dealt with. As an aside, this is also the number one reason that I am unlikely to pair up with another hardcore farming type. Look, we all have our faults......

Hmm. I wonder what it takes to teach at a Waldorf school?

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